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General Terms & Conditions:


* Our price-lists are in U.S.Dollars, FOB bases.


* We often update prices. You should check prices (and confirm with us) before basing any action on them. 

    No notice will be sent as in regard to price-change.


* No catalogs are available for accessories;  These are either cataloged by the manufacturers or electronically 

    cataloged (mainly housings and pouches) on our website, see: http://www.hdei.net


* All prices are net (All bank charges are to your account).


* Inventory:- Goods are stocked in our Warehouses and our suppliers. Upon receiving your payment, we can 

    usually deliver immediately from stock. (3-5 day)


* For deliveries in Russia, require additionals, also clamp contact to our trade partners in this country.


* Items appearing on the Price-List are usually available from stock.


* When you need items that are not on the list, kindly inform us (including quantity required) and we shall try to satisfy you.


* The minimum per shipment is US$6,000.00 for accessories, spare parts  and 30 phone-sets and 10 pcs PDA, D.C.per model.

    We do not send and we do not  SAMPLES --- NO CHEQUES---NO CREDIT CARDS!!!


* Housings & Pouches: We want to pay your attention to the fact that some of the items might be copyright protected on your market. We do not check this point because we receive it 'as is' from the other’s factory; therefore kindly understand that the responsibility  to check this point is yours.


* Ordering procedure is as follows :

1.you send your order.

2.we email/fax you proforma invoice, confirming availability and prices.

3.you confirm order and T/T payment.

4.we ship (courier or air-cargo) and inform you details of shipment.


* Once you confirmed an order, we are freezing goods involved for three-five (3-5) days from date of issuance 

    of Proforma-Invoice; after that the supply is based on "First come, first served". 

    Therefore it is imperative that you kindly inform us details of T/T.


Need more detail's? Please call us: +3589-4241-7755 add *4190042134516# and info@hdei.biz 

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