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Item Part Nbr, Brand Qa-lity year Price in RMB
Diode DFLS1100-7 Diodes 2000    
Diode SMBJ16CA UMW/Littelfuse 160    
Quartz generator ASDMPLV-100.000MHz-LR-T3 Abracon 250    
Chip 74HCT4046AD Nexperia 35    
Chip AD5248BRMZ2.5 Analog Devices 141    
Chip AD8541ART Analog Devices 141    
Chip ADG721BRM Analog Devices 141    
Chip BQ25895RTWT Texas Instruments 70    
Chip DS1390U-33 Maxim 70    
Chip FM25L16B-G Ramtron/Cypress 40    
Chip LMZ14201HTZE TI/Microchip 30    
Chip LT1761ES5-3.3 Analog Devices 500    
Chip LT1761ES5-SD Analog Devices 610    
Chip LT1763CS8 Analog Devices 141    
Chip LT1964ES5-5 Analog Devices 70    
Chip LT3494EDDB Analog Devices 141    
Chip LTC3531ES6-3.3 Analog Devices 70    
Chip MAX1853EXT Maxim 132    
Chip MAX917EUK+T Maxim 125    
Chip NC7S86M5X ONS/Fairchild 63    
Chip OP777ARZ Analog Devices 310    
Chip Si4463-B1B-FM Silicon Laboratories 300    
Chip TLV2450IDBVR Texas Instruments 385    
Chip TLV320AIC3254lRHB Texas Instruments 200    
Chip TPS62170DSG Texas Instruments 129    
Chip TPS63020DSJT Texas Instruments 43    
Chip ESP32-WROOM-32E ESPRESS 90    
Transistor BC847S Shikues 1000    
Transistor BC856BW Nexperia 1000    
Transistor BC857BS Nexperia 1000    
Transistor BC857CW Nexperia 1000    
Transistor BCP56-16 Nexperia 500    
Transistor BCR148W Infineon 2000    
Transistor IRF7301 Infineon 673    
Transistor IRF7341 Infineon 72    
Transistor IRLML5103 Infineon 2000    
Transistor Si4497DY Vishay 1000    
Transistor SiR818DP-T1-GE3 Vishay 200    
Transistor KT815B Integral/Silicon 400    
power unit IB9-500S Robiton 50    
Diode BAR-66 Infineon/NXP 200    
Diode MBR130LSFT1G Fuxin/ON Semiconductor 160    
Diode SR3.3TCT Semtech Corporation 500    
Power supply GST40A12-P1J Mean Well 73    
Power supply SGA25E12-P1J Mean Well 135    
Portable speaker Fiero Vortex S IPX6 FR500 Fiero 15    
Chip BQ25792RQMR Texas Instruments 10    
Chip LT1761ES5-1.8 Analog Devices 75    
Chip PIC24EP512GU810-I/PF Microchip 141    
Chip SN74LVC8T245RHLR Texas Instruments 320    
Diode L-C191LBCT ParaLight 1000    
Zener diode BZX384-C10 Nexperia 1000    
Transistor IRF9358 Infineon 46    
Chip 5CEFA7F23I7N Intel 160    
Inductor 0603HP-15NXJL   Coilcraft 50    
Inductor 0805HQ-2N5XJLB   Coilcraft 30    
Inductor 0603HP-6N8XJL   Coilcraft 30    
Inductor 0805HT-6N8TJL   Coilcraft 50    
Inductor LQH32MN820J23L   Murata 2 000    
Inductor LQH3NPN470M Murata 500    
Fuse ICP-N38 Rohm 35    
Connector 09-9789-71-05 Binder 100    
Connector 67600-8001   Molex 73    
Connector 09-9790-71-05 Binder 100    
Connector 12401610E4#2A   Amphenol 150    
Connector 4300.0096 Schurter 15    
Transformer FA2925-ALB   Coilcraft 150    
Connector RJ-45 615008137121 Wurth Elektronik 132    
Connector RM606M Daikei Denshi 63    
Connector TRJE401AHNL Trxcom 32    
Inductor 0805HQ-5N6XJL Coilcraft 30    
Inductor XFL4020-222MEC   Coilcraft 860    
Inductor 0603HP-R22XJL   Coilcraft 50    
Inductor 0805HQ-18NXJLC   Coilcraft 30    
Inductor 1111SQ-39NJEB   Coilcraft 50    
Inductor 0603HP-10NXJL   Coilcraft 50    
Switch 500SSP1S1M6QEA E-Switch 55    
Switch 5GSH935 Multimec 25    
Relay G6K-2F-RF-DC5   Omron 32    
Connector 43860-0010 Molex 93    
Power cable P058-006 Tripp Lite 52    
Plug SR-711   Dragon City 100    


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delivery must be made before the beginning of June this year

pickup or delivery to our warehouse in Guangzhou, China
Payment after ready confirmed stock to ship.

We buy only ready-to-ship stocks and before paying, our transport agent checks if you have them and only after that we make the payment and he picks them up from you directly from the warehouse or office, he can also buy them from you on the spot in cash or bank translation, in some cases, when buying directly from distributors, we pay for a pre-made order or placing it at the manufacturer's factory. so you do not need to offer us "air" only real physical supplies that you have in stock!

Please indicate:
1. Cost of each model for want of of indicated consignment of the order.
2. Full specification on this model, country of manufacturing, complete set, version software, etc..
3. Condition of payment and delivery.
4. Other additional information, which you can grant.

Please make your offer's!


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